mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

I want summer!!

Oggi nella mia città splende il sole finalmente, anche se è ricoperta da un sottile strato d si, ieri qui ha niente di che.
ho una tremenda voglia d'estate!! io amo il caldo, non ne posso più dell'inverno; visto che oggi sono così nostalgica di questa fantastica stagione, posto un outfit estivo che personalmente adoro!!

a prestooo!
Today in my city the sun shines at last, even if it's covered with a thin layer of snow..yes, has snowed here yesterday, but nothing of that.
I have a tremendous desire of summer, i love the hot cimate and I can't stand the winter.
given that today I'm so nostalgic for this wonderful season, I place an summer outfit that personally I love!
see you soon!
Love, Ally*


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  1. Hey Ally!
    Thanks for your comment! Don't worry, I actually do speak perfect english, and to be honest, even Italian... At least I understand everything you're writing, with my own written skills it is a little back, but I'll get into the hang of it again, I guess ;-) I used to live in Padova ;-) I'm going to the Gym now, so I've got to hurry... but I'll follow your blog :)

  2. Good afternoon Isy!
    thanks for heaving commented on my blog! I'm very please that you'll follow me; I'll follow your blog too! ;)
    now if i can I'll add you in "blog that I follow".
    I could you say a name of some fashion blog type ours? I don't find them here on blogger!
    see you soon!!
    byee!! :)

  3. molto bello questo piacciono un sacco gli stivali e quella maglia assieme :))
    un bacio

  4. grazie M&amp!
    faccio un salto nel tuo blog! ;)

  5. Great style, I love the color of your wall!

  6. Lovely outfit!